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Potable Water Disinfection

Disinfection is required when new domestic plumbing lines have been installed in a building. Every new plumbing system and each part of an existing plumbing system that has been altered or repaired should be disinfected and tested. The purpose behind a potable (domestic) water system disinfection is to eliminate bacteria inside the new plumbing.


Maximum Environmental Management, Inc. worked diligently to develop a company wide Standard Operating Procedure for Disinfection Projects. The company standard operationing procedures are summarized in a project specific Disinfection and Water Quality Testing Plan in accordance with the Industry Standards and Regulations.


Each project is assigned a project manager that tracks the job from start to finish. We work with the client from the start to ensure that the project specific Disinfection and Water Quality Testing Plan is created and meets the requirements outlined in the job specification documentation. If needed this plan is submitted for approval. Each step in the process is clearly outlined.

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The staff at Maximum Environmental Management, Inc. maintains comprehensive and current certifications. They participate in ongoing training sessions in order to remain proficient in their field. We have NYS Certified drinking water operators on staff and are authorized for NYC School Construction Authority Work.


Maximum Environmental Management, Inc. has worked on wide array of Potable Water Disinfection projects. The projects range from Large Scale (a whole multi story building) to Small Scale (isolated areas). A few examples of the various projects completed are: Medical Facilities, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Small Businesses, Residential Water Supplies, Residential Homes, and Municipal Facilities.


Regardless of the size, each project was completed according to specifications, on time, and within budget.

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